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Outplacement Employment Services

Whether you use the term corporate downsizing, staff reduction, or industry realignment, releasing employees can have a negative impact not only on the affected employees but also on the remaining employees. In addition, the perception that your downsized employees are not treated in a professional manner may affect your public relations. With HRStaffers’ outplacement services, you can offer an economic outplacement program that will provide an array of services from self-administered online programs to classroom instruction or personalized coaching with office space availability.

Outplacement Services Include:

  • Current job search techniques
  • Resume and letter preparation
  • Interview training
  • Online and social media searching and networking
  • Salary negotiation strategies
  • Goal setting and planning
  • Online or classroom coaching and instruction
  • Office space utilization for executives

How HRStaffers’ Outplacement Services Benefit You:

  • Provide an economic outplacement benefit program for your employees
  • Maintain employee morale and motivation
  • Foster positive public relations and perception
  • Increase communication with downsized staff